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Darkly themed, this Scottish crime story is brutal, intense, and layered with police procedural details that ring with authenticity.

DC Jazzy Solanki, β€” recently demoted from Sergeant to her new lowly rank on the D-team, has lived through some hard times. Still suffering from the effects of her traumatic childhood, Jazzy has struggled to keep her private life secret, a task made nearly impossible when a new horrific and very grisly crime (with disturbing and deadly personal relevance) appears within her patch.

Jazzy, paired with her new partner, the abrasive yet strangely maternal Queenie, (a character remiscent in many ways of the indomnitable Vera Stanhope) has her work cut out for her as victims accumulate, and the secrets Jazzy can no longer hide explode to threaten her very existence.

A top-notch crime read (quite a bit more grisly than this reader typically enjoys), the first in a new series that promises drama, mystery, twists, a terrific cast of characters and a desperate depiction of the ongoing battle between goodness and pure unadulturated evil – bred through misery and pain and now mercilessly instigating the the same.

My stop today on the #rachelsrandomresources tour for #thebloodpromise by #lizmistry

A great big thanks to the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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  1. Liz Mistry

    Thanks so much for your lovely review of The Blood Promise, Terri and for taking part in the blog tour. I always appreciate blogger support so much. xx

    1. Terri

      Thanks for a wonderful read! Im looking forward to the next in the series ❀️

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