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A beautiful and gentle story, introducing a child to feelings or emotions, personified as charming little grey creatures, each with their own distinct outlook and presence. Here, amongst so many others, we meet: Nostalgia, who loves to revisit Christmas baubles and decorations, seeing out comfort from the stories they hold, again and again, accompanied by his buddy, Memory; Anxiety and Curiosity – natural partners who rely on and support each other, as their shared imaginations run wild, and possibilities considered and feared by one can suddenly become adventure-fodder for the other; and perhaps my favorite of all, the beautiful Patience and her friend, the lovely Calm – both full of sweetness and inner light as they garden and putter, serenely, then savor every moment of their follow-on jam-making, fully enjoying the fruits of their long and bountiful labor.

A treasure of a book, this reader reviewed an eGalley, and could not get enough of the soft and simply gorgeous grey drawings, and the associated feelings they capture so brilliantly, (not least of which, that little Worthlessness who so deservedly needs a hug!). Equally captivating is the quiet wisdom captured in the messaging, simple character-based stories ultimately explaining how to recognize feelings, and how they interact and influence, including those (like Malice) that are harder to spot as they lurk in the background, seeking other unsuspecting feelings to encroach on.

A terrific addition to any child’s library, and a natural conversation starter, this is a book to share, and discuss, and most of all, to enjoy.

A great big thank you to Netgalley, the author, the illustrator and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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