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The Bone Hacker

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The newest addition to an always wonderful series, this is Book 22 in the Dr Temperance Brennan series. In this edition Tempe finds herself transported from a grim but fairly routine examination of what appears to be a young drowning victim in her Montreal homebase, to assisting in the pursuit of a grisly serial killer in the gorgeous paradise of Turks and Caicos.

Tempe meets a host of new colleagues in her exotic location – her work cut out for her (pun mostly intended), as she seeks a homicidal maniac with a penchant for removing the left hands of his (or her) handsome young victims.

As wry and smart-alecky in this setting as we have come to expect from her in Montreal or Charlotte, this is classic Tempe all the way. I enjoyed this book thoroughly – an intricate, thoughtful and perplexing mystery, with plenty of danger, confusion and red herrings along the way, and a chance to catch up with a much-loved character.

Highly recommended for fans of this series – as well as new readers with a taste for forensics; a terrific female lead; and a medley of oddly diverse, snappy, tempermental and totally engaging crime-fighting protagonists.

A great big thank you to the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

Note: for readers sensitive to violence against animals (as is this reader) there is a disturbing scene easily identified as it begins right before Chapter 33, in the final pages of the book, lasts a couple of pages, and can be totally skipped.


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