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Thick with menace and foreboding, this creepy and stylish thriller is a modern-day techno-horror parable – a warning that any individual’s life, in the virtual arena, is as malleable as the imagination (and motivation) of its digital author (be it benevolent or dastardly).

Alex Hutchinson is living the dream. A fortyish blogger and influencer at @UnApologeticallyAlex, Alex is thrilled and celebratory when the number of her followers reaches one million. Be they real or fake, Alex’s “straight-shooting” posts seem to have found their mark – her “you’re good enough” messaging about living authentically finding an audience that just can’t seem to get enough of her. Ditto for her sponsors and the family luxuries now funded by her increasingly-padded bank account.

On the home-front however, Alex’s handsome and successful financial-wizard-of-a-husband Patrick, and her twin and precocious twelve-year old daughters, (not fans of the privacy-scarce world Alex’s career entails for the entire family) are less than enthralled.

Seeking better balance, as Alex provides more and more access to her life and her world to enable the contributions of her new Personal Assistant, Anna Claire, (or AC), it doesn’t take long for things to begin to unravel, inexplicably and horrifically, taking Alex and her family along for a ride as terrifying as it is mysterious.

The mounting terror escalates beyond the digital when real bodies (in the form of murder victims, past and present) begin to pile up, leaving the reader to wonder, as her life veers off into the catastrophic – is Alex (and her cyber-constructed alter ego) apologetic now?

A great big thank you to @hccinfluencers, @Netgalley and the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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