Those People next door

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A disconcerting look at systemic racism, as it exists, in even the very nicest neighborhoods and families. For Salma and Bilal Khatun, along with their eighteen year-old son Zain, a move to new house signals the beginning of a nightmare, made all the worse by the seeming civility of the perpetrators.

A harrowing and disturbing read, this story leads us down a long and precarious path that ends in a terrible tragedy, all resulting from a young mother’s simple and perhaps only in hindsight, misguided, attempt to stand up for her rights, and those of her family, in a suburb of current day London.

Written with authenticity and a brisk and suspenseful pace, this read has some good twists coupled with an absorbing narrative. Recommended for fans of thrillers, domestic suspense and character-driven fiction, this book will entertain as it educates against any slide into complacency in a world which, to this day, refuses to level the playing field for all.

A great big thank you to @Harpercollins for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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