The Other Daughter

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An emotionally complex story that weaves between two female protagonists in two timeframes, and the dual locations of London, England, and Montreux, Switzerland.

  • Jess – a first-person POV voice, is a thirty-nine year old teacher who tells her story in a current day timeline. With her divorce looming, and her career in tatters, Jess escapes to Switzerland for a summer job as a children’s nanny as she works to resolve a deeply painful family issue that is revealed slowly over the course of the book.
  • Sylvia, a third-person POV voice, is a twenty-something UK journalist in 1976, who struggles with the misogyny of the times, particularly as it applies to motherhood and careers, and the attitudes of the day concerning women’s roles in both. Sylvia travels to Switzerland on assignment to report on women’s issues, and becomes caught up in the bravery and determination of those fighting for an appropriate Swiss response to these injustices.

As the plot develops, and the stories of the two women intertwine, the secrets and answers that Jess has been seeking are revealed amidst a great deal of upheaval on both counts. The story moves at a slow and thoughtful meandering pace, allowing the reader the space to become immersed in the exotic Swiss setting as key elements of the story unwind.

A great big thank you to @simonschusterCA for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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