Sea of Tranquility

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Beautifully textured, this mind-altering speculative fiction story tells a tale of time, of humanity, and our never-ending search for meaning and understanding, amidst our existential quest to live a โ€œtranquil life in the face of deathโ€.

With impeccable finesse the author builds an intricate and mesmerizing world (actually, many worlds), moving between time-periods, featuring imaginative stories and vulnerable characters we come to know and care for first, independently, then eventually, with greater insight as their connections become more clearly apparent.

Without giving the plot away (no spoilers here), some of the protagonists we will visit include:

  • Edwin St. John St. Andrew: an eighteen-year-old British minor artistrocrat, living a remote and forced exile to the wildest corners of Canada in the year 1912.
  • Mirella Kessler: a grieving and wronged widow desperately searching for answers in 2020โ€™s New York.
  • Olive Llewelyn: in the year 2203, a mother, wife and author, temporarily (and discomfittingly) isolated from her family and her Moon Colony Two home as she embarks on a tedious and difficult Earth-based publicity-tour for her latest book.
  • Gaspery Jones: Criminal Justice almost-graduate and now a Hotel Detective on Moon Colony One, Gaspery is a man with a mission in the year 2401, whose efforts may or may not successfully tie together each and every story encountered thus far (in a manner guaranteed to surprise and delight the reader).

A thoughtful and wonderfully-crafted work, I loved this book and the creatively captivating ideas presented – neatly, delicately, slipping us so completely into a world of the future (entangled with the past), where all that we know to be real, and all that we deem imaginary, intertwine so completely that they may in fact be inseparable.

A great big thank you to @Netgalley and the author for an ARC of this book.All thoughts presented are my own.


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