The Thursday Murder Club


A funny and captivating murder mystery, featuring a quartet of octogenarians who are as charming as they are quick-witted. Companions at the luxurious Coopers Chase Retirement village – Joyce, Elizabeth, Ibrahim and Ron, our main protagonists – enjoy wine, gin and tonics, gossiping, and sunshine as they contemplate life and the puzzles emerging in the lives (and deaths!) of the characters surrounding them.

With their own mysterious and questionable pasts, Elizabeth, the leader, is an enigma, who has visited many strange and foreign lands, has a posse of β€˜friends’ who owe her favors, and may or may not be privy to more than one state secret. Joyce, a former nurse, is bright-eyed, brilliant, gentle and chatty, with an inner core that slowly reveals self to be more steel than sugar. Ibrahim, a former psychiatrist, is handsome, smart and slightly nerdy, with an impressive encyclopedic knowledge of most topics and a penchant for three-piece suits. Contrasted with Ron, a no-holds-barred former trade-union leader, most at home in flip flops and sporty tees.

A cozy read that will charm you as it entertains, this funny and breezy read is pure delight, from start to finish, as are its wonderfully smart and sassy pensioner protagonists.

The first in a series that this reader has been meaning to catch up on for sometime, this read was well worth the wait.


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