The Lost Cause


An earnest, albeit depressing, look at climate change, thirty years down the road, and the political upheaval at play in a world no more divided than what what we have in place today.

As tensions rise to the critical point, measures put in place by a ‘Green New Deal’- favoring president set the tone for the ‘first generation in a century that did not grow up fearing for the future.’ This group of idealistic young people, (some of them, including our main protagonist, not yet out of their teens), are not afraid to take action – from rolling up their sleeves and participating in the rebuild of lost coastal cities on higher ground inland, to civil resistance of the ideologies of a fiercely-belligerent red-cap Maga party (whose proponents may or may not be preparing for a violent civil war).

Brooks Palazzo is our squeaky-voiced self-proclaimed bi-sexual nineteen-year-old anti-hero. Armed with the resources of a recent inheritance, Brook’s battle to do the right thing, for the environment and the new world, is complicated, thoughtful, conscientious – and peppered with the romantic firings of youth. Firings which are strange, perhaps, as, despite Brook’s orientation, they are restricted to commandeering militant-type spiky females, all of whom appear quite taken with our unlikely hero.

An interesting read, bogged down in places, but nonetheless extremely well-considered and almost too believable, this is a good read for those who worry about the path we’re on, and an eye-opener for those (if there are any who fit this mold out there), who still sleep well at night.

A great big thank you to #Netgalley, the publisher, and the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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