The Girl in the Moss

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Intricate and haunting, this is a book to sink into. Packed with interesting characters, loose ends, and cryptic sub-plots, itโ€™s a wonder the author manages to tie it all together so neatly in the end. The third in a series featuring disgraced ex-cop and now PI-wannabe Angie Pallorino, this was the first of the set read by this reader. Which was more than a bit of a shame, as although this story reads well on its own, many spoilers are revealed for earlier background dramas played out in previous books, – and what doozies they all seem to be!

With her flowing red hair, pale grey eyes, and jagged scar across her mouth, Angie, our third person POV narrator, is a femme formidable – a female heroine who faces her demons with some chops. As she comes to both bask in and fear her now deep emotional connection with the handsome Detective Sergeant James Maddocks, the author weaves a compelling backstory for Angie that adds depth and dimension to this horrifically-damaged but still fighting-to-heal heroine.

In this story, Angie investigates the twenty-four year old case of a drowned young woman, whose skeletal remains are discovered on the moss-covered rocks of Nahamish river, Port Ferris BC. Itโ€™s pretty clear that solving this atmospheric mystery will require Angie to confront personal danger and stomach-turning evil, as she struggles to stay one step ahead of both on the remote and slippery mountainous trails that harbor both victims and suspects. With shades of โ€˜Deliveranceโ€™ echoing from every stranger encountered on every forsaken backroad, unexpected twists and turns (and at least one giant plot pivot) make this a story that is hard to put down, and more than a little chilling.

Highly recommended for lovers of mystery and nail-biting suspense, this reader will definitely be seeking out more to read from this talented author.


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