The Face Laughs While the Brain Cries

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A fascinating and spell-binding look at one man’s odyssey to understand and alleviate the terrible disease that is MS.

We meet the author initially as a child, following him through his early exposure to a devastating neurological medical mystery within his own family, that starts him down the path that will culminate in his both becoming a doctor, as well as informing his focus on the specialty of neurology. Decades later, as the adult Dr. Hauser repeatedly runs up against the ravages of MS in his clinical practice, he embarks on a lifelong journey to help stem the tide of the increasingly prevalent autoimmune disorder. From early clues centered on B cells, which are produced in bone marrow and have far-reaching effects on the entire human immune response, years of research eventually lead to massively successful treatment options, as well as insights into causation. All of which that, at the hands of the author and his colleagues, lead to life-altering impacts on the lives of MS patients all around the world.

A beautifully written memoir, touching on the personal as well as the scientific, this is a wonderful read, and one that is sure to interest readers of memoirs as well as those interested in trailblazing medical non-fiction.

Note: in terms of full disclosure, sections describing experiments on marmosets, which, although fully ethically managed and detailed, were skipped to avoid triggers for this reader.

A great big thank you to the author, the publisher, and #goodreadsgiveaways for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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