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A claustrophobic thriller set in a fascinating location – aboard an expedition cruise set for the icy splendor of Antarctica. In this case, before the ship has even set sail, sinister and unexplained happenings are afoot. When a man is kidnapped enroute to boarding for the soon-to-depart cruise, it is clear that there is plenty of mystery brewing, and it will be up to the reader to put the clues together.

As the plot develops, the story behind the story of our main protagonist unfolds. Olivia Campbell, an almost-actuary, loves her ailing mother as well as her glamorous boyfriend Aaron, an art dealer who operates at the highest levels of society.

Olivia is still reeling from the trauma of her role in the accidental death of her father, a yachting superstar, more than a decade ago, whose untimely end by drowning, and her part in the happenings, left Olivia terrified of boats, of any kind, as well as open water. A not auspicious start to her prescribed role beside Aaron at an ocean liner auction of the fine art of Aaron’s top client, backdropped by the magnificent Antarctic setting afforded by a fourteen day cruise.

As if all that is not enough, it soon becomes apparent (to Olivia at least) that all is not as it seems on her seafaring excursion. As bodies accumulate and Olivia comes to feel she may in fact be next, the plot winds with twists and suspense amidst the magnificent setting, which quickly exposes the deadly potential of this ice-laden, dangerous and remote landscape.

With icebergs calving unexpectedly, terrifying splits that threaten to overturn kayaks or leave ice hikers stranded (or worse) this is an unusual, exotic and highly visual environment, (one that few people have experienced), that contributes greatly to an already tense and oppressive ship-bound setting.

An enjoyable read, somewhat slow moving, with action, excitement and a mystery to solve. This is a recommended read for those who enjoy adventure and the vicarious experience of this wondrous and easily-turned-deadly setting.

A great big thank you to Netgalley, the author and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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