If Something Happens to Me

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A snappily paced and absorbing story that weaves around, and eventually nicely connects, the volatile world of several point-of-view characters.

First, in Leavenworth Kansas, we meet Ryan, a six-foot-four high-school basketball star, who experiences a terrible crime and the crushing loss of his teen sweetheart, Alison.

Five years later, in the same town, Poppy McGee is introduced as the newly appointed Deputy Sheriff, fresh out of a stint with the Military Police. Poppy is an emerging force, still learning the confidence and conviction that will come to center her adult life. When a new development regarding Alison’s case suddenly surfaces, Poppy is assigned to investigate. Her involvement, and where it leads, will crack open doors, more questions, and a whole lot of danger, for, (quite literally), each and every one of the books main protagonists.

This is a story that twists and turns, crossing countries and back-filling gaps across time-periods, as Poppy, and Ryan, a current-world law student, stumble, claw and fight their way through a series of discoveries that turn the case (and their young lives) upside down. With several key reveals along the way, and an ending that satisfies, I enjoyed this book – a very visual read, thick with tension, crises and action, that this reader could see successfully streaming as a network limited series.

A great big thank you to the author, #Netgalley, and the publisher for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.,


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