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This book is a somewhat unexpected departure from a more “traditional” memoir, as the author, Ilana Estelle – a lifelong sufferer of what was eventually (in her late forties) diagnosed as Cerebral Palsy complicated by Autism (two conditions which often co-exist), takes the reader on a thoughtful journey consisting mainly of the detailed notes, learnings, and self-help guidance that allowed her to transform from her angry and frustrated youth, to a fully-informed and deeply psychologically self-aware adult, eager to share her hard-won insights in the spirit of compassion for those it could possibly assist.

Articulated with careful detail, the author has done an impressive job of pulling together a laypersons guide to living a life (regardless of the challenges faced), that is tuned to be spiritually, emotionally, and physically richer.

At the same time, the author has provided a glimpse into the heartbreak of her childhood, followed by years of confusion and trauma, as in the absence of any sort of helpful medical insight, she struggled to understand her condition, and what she could only, without any information to frame what she was experiencing, tragically identify as her failings.

As her truth was eventually revealed to her, a path to a new beginning, fueled by greater awareness and understanding of how (because of an injury occurring at birth) her brain differed structurally from those around her, and what emotional, cognitive and mobility implications (most of which she was unaware of ) would explain her past challenges and provide her a new focus.

Fascinating in both its depth and the insights provided, this deeply reflective and neurodivergent view provides possibilities opened up by self-awareness, kindness, focused effort and an optimistic look at the power of self-transformation.

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