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Based on a true story.

Carl Lundmark, our narrator, is living the dream – a high-powered finance career, earning the money and freedom to live an independent life in London far away from the little Swedish town where he was raised and where he always felt like an outsider – maligned by Swedish society due to his atypical hair and skin tone.

Considered a “success” by all who know him, Carl is emotionally insular, his world a sharply-defined forward-looking view of calculated risks and careful planning to avoid inevitable hardships.

With many acquaintances and a wide but loose social circle, Carl has one true friend, Kristoffer – a bright and breezy Korean-Swede who “sees the world as a wonder”, providing Carl an ongoing and tantalizing glimpse of a new and better version of life, on the horizon, but always just outside his grasp.

As Carl is soon to learn, “like everything in life it was about those tiny chances, those moments, the apparent coincidences that, in the end, wove events into a coherent story”.

In a series of seemingly random but ultimately connected events:

  • Kristoffer meets and marries Eva, the woman of his dreams, and whirls her away on a breathtaking honeymoon to a remote island in Thailand.
  • A catastrophic earthquake rocks off the coast of Burma, throwing the entire area into disarray and communicative chaos.

As he struggles with the inevitable waiting for news, Carl feels compelled to embark on a dangerous and traumatic journey to not only find Kristoffer, but ultimately, to find himself.

“Friendship is about the choices we make about our lives, what kind of human beings we wish to to be, and what we value.”

A gripping and suspenseful read, Carl’s journey is an insightful exploration of friendship, love, and the connections that nurture our deepest hopes and dreams.

A great big thank you to the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

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