The Whispers

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A deep dive into the sublime and the unpleasant, the pretense of living large, and the sheer awfulness that may be hidden, under deceptively ‘normal’ exteriors.

Each of the four main protagonists in this story, women all, three of them fortyish and one an octogenarian, have secrets to hide. Secrets and fears, terrors really, that have to do with their essential womanhood, motherhood, personhood, and all the contradictory and compelling needs – jumbled and raw, in an ongoing struggle, that each of them must find a way to resolve. Until perhaps, regardless of the choices made, and the underlying motivations, in the end they will have nothing left but age, and distance, and an overwhelming sense of loss and regret.

Or is it possible to escape?

As each woman hears the ‘whispers’, the hair-tingling sense that other worlds, better worlds, beckon – the question really becomes, will any of them find it in their hearts to listen?

A domestic thriller of the highest order, part mystery and all unfurling, writhing, character-based drama, this book lifts the rocks and lets us look at what is slithering underneath. And it’s painfully clear, that, although we absolutely will not be able to turn away, we will definitely not like everything we will see.

A great big thank you to #Netgalley, the author and the publisher for an ARC of the book. All thoughts presented are my own.


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