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The Invisible Hour

A Massachusetts-based fairy-tale of sorts, about “witches” and magic and the enraptured heart - one that is able, in this story, to transcend time and space, following a path that is destined beyond earthly boundaries, - encapsulated in a journey that is written with beauty and great care. The story…

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Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade

🌟🌟🌟🌟 “As long as I could return to the library in my mind, I felt I could face whatever came." An engaging historical drama, beginning in 1918, opening the door on a little-known group of women, female volunteers with the American Committee for Devastated France (abbreviated as “CARDs”when translated from…

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The False Flat

A sweet story, straddling the line between warm and bubbly contemporary romance, and a tender, heartrending treatise on loss, grief, and finding one’s path through what may feel overwhelmingly insurmountable. Pen (Penelope) Auberge is thirty-two years old, a financial wizard and an avid cyclist, with social skills that leave much…

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🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟➕ An absolute delight, this middle-grade story is voiced for us by eleven-year old Tig herself, weaving a first person narrative that so rings with authenticity, poignancy and most of all, charm, it is impossible for the reader not to fall completely under her spell. Heartlessly abandoned by her alcoholic…

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